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The structure is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool which overlooks both the valley and the hill and is therefore surrounded by greenery, has sunbeds and umbrellas and there are also two changing rooms available.


The lake where you have chosen to open the shop and create the dedicated picnic area is located within the farm, ideal location for this project thanks to the splendid panoramic view of the Romagna hills that you can enjoy from there.
The foods that can be consumed in rural company are, as tradition, mostly simple food such as eggs, salami, bread, cheeses, salads, fruit, cakes and being organic beef the strong point of the company's production could not miss an equipped area with barbecue stations.
In the Bottega dell'Acero Rosso it is possible to buy, even as a takeaway, all the products of the farm and the Valle del Bidente organic meat consortium of which the company is part, for those who want to do the km zero by guaranteeing the maximum attention to the selection of raw materials.


There is the possibility to practice sport fishing with your own equipment or for hire. The fish species present are: Carp, Amour, Cat Fish, Sturgeons, Perch.
Furthermore, events and events are organized on the shores of the lake


In the garden adjacent to the porch of the restaurant there is a small play area suitable also for the little ones with the possibility for parents to supervise them comfortably seated at the table.


Available free of charge for more experienced and trained customers to discover small glimpses of paradise by crossing the various paths surrounded by greenery that unfold within the company.


Inside the estate there are paths of all kinds suitable for both the more sporty and those who want to enjoy a simple walk in the middle of nature. Walking along the paths, besides being able to observe unspoiled nature and fauna, it is possible to collect seasonal fruits such as walnuts, blackberries, chestnuts or undergrowth products such as mushrooms and truffles.

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