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Inside the village we also find the farm, in which 250 beef cattle are grown organically and always organic cereals and vegetables are grown. Inside the Borgo stands the Villa Padronale, dating back to the 17th century which belonged to the counts Golfarelli della Massa and subsequently to the Podestà.
The villa is surrounded by peasant houses and adjacent to it we find the noble Romanesque church, dedicated in ancient times to S. Francesco D 'Assisi and now to S. Eurosia, invoked as protector of the countryside.
Every year in May the feast of S. Eurosia is celebrated with a subsequent procession in memory of the via crucis. Around the village, the mountain road that leads the traveler to a green and sunny plateau unfolds like a white ribbon going up and down, in front of which we see old chestnut woods as a majestic scenery, which with its thick shadows fills the absorbed soul of ghosts and memories.

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