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Awakening of the senses      

(40 min. / € 50,00)
(Foot bath - Scrub - Foot massage - Foot mask and Cream)
The treatment is aimed at rebalancing the body thoroughly and easing tensions. It has a draining effect and introduces to subsequent specific treatments.

Foot reflexology             

(40 min. / €50.00)
Holistic therapy, based on the principle that every aspect of the individual's life affects the well-being and health of the person, and operates with the aim of rebalancing the entire organism in order to stimulate its self-healing capabilities.

Unique dishes
Grape Juice and Red Vine Ritual  

(90 min. / € 90,00)
(Scrub - Face and body massage - Bath in a sparkling tub) Refined treatment with anti-radical, draining and firming properties. The wine is transformed into well-being by making a soft wine mousse. Grapeseed vegetable oil and red vine extract characterize a global revitalizing action on the face and body. Gives face and body skin a wonderful sensation of sensual energy.

Chocolate ritual 

(90 min. / € 90,00)
(Scrub - Face and body massage - Cocoa tub bath) Chocolate pampering that transforms the treatment into a good mood Elixir as it stimulates the production of endorphins which increase serotonin activity, promoting a feeling of tranquility and good humour. Softly irresistible and reassuring with a velvety texture with energizing and antioxidant activity for the face and body thanks to extracts derived from butter and cocoa powder. Chocolate "Food of the Gods" to get rid of stress and tiredness and find grit and energy.

Soya, Rose and Peony Ritual            

(90 min. / € 90,00)
(Scrub - Face and body massage - Bath in floral tub) The rose is the archetype of the flower and the symbol of both profane and divine love. Its perfume gives a sense of security and harmony and allows you to overcome selfishness and self-centeredness. A tribute to feminine beauty to ignite the splendor of every woman. It is a pure concentrate of vitality and regeneration, also indicated as a treatment to be performed as a couple. The mix of Flowers (rose petals and peony), the properties of soy and the aroma of rose, make up a dense and pleasant texture for complete cell renewal.

Massaggi Corpo          

(60 min. / €68.00)
Revitalizing Grapeseed Massage
Energizing Chocolate Massage
Rose Regenerating Massage
Toning and Invigorating Massage with Yogurt
Sweet Orange Anti-stress Massage
Lavender Rebalancing Massage
Toning and stimulating massage with Rosemary
Lymphatic drainage massage


(50 min. / €65.00)
Nourishing Scrub-Massage with Oats
Regenerating Grapeseed Scrub-Massage
Floral Scrub-Massage
Moisturizing Scrub-Massage with Cane Sugar
Citrus fruit scrub-draining massage
Scrub-massage with the purest sea salts

Side Dishes
Face Massages  

(60 min. / €65.00)
Wine Antioxidant Treatment
Anti-stress and Firming Treatment with Cocoa and Borage
Rose Anti-Aging Regenerating Treatment
Refreshing Treatment with Yogurt


Reservation is mandatory.


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